Serving clients nationwide from its offices in Berwyn, Pennsylvania, one of Philadelphia’s Main Line suburbs, the Stanley Laman Group counts financial planning among its many areas of expertise. Since its founding in 1991, the firm has designed and implemented financial plans for hundreds of publicly traded companies, family offices, and high-net-worth individuals. With a staff comprised of Certified Financial Planners, tax attorneys, Chartered Life Underwriters, Chartered Financial Consultants, Chartered Financial Analysts, and Masters in Financial Services, SLG consistently delivers comprehensive financial plans that account for legal, liquidity, tax, insurance, and public securities issues.

The work of the SLG 
Financial Planning Division is divided into several separate areas. For example, it is prudent to plan for the orderly transfer of interest in a business, either as an immediate concern or a future contingency, but such transfers can take many forms. The interest may be retained by the family and actively exercised by an heir, retained by nonactive heirs and managed by a third-party professional, or sold publicly or privately. In such instances, the experienced professionals at Stanley Laman will review and provide insight as to the advantages and disadvantages of each option, provide tax planning expertise to minimize costs, and implement the selected solution. In addition, when a public or private sale is selected, SLG will identify potential purchasers and investors from within its own client base.

Another critical element of the SLG Planning Division’s work is business capital needs consulting. Proficient at accessing capital and financing, the SLG technical support staff assists clients in identifying and securing investor capital as well as secured and unsecured loans. In addition, the firm is adept at preparing public and private debentures and public offerings. One of SLG’s most valuable resources in this area is its own client base, which includes many individuals and enterprises that invest directly in private businesses. In addition, the Stanley Laman Group has developed strong relationships with investment banks that can facilitate the process of raising capital.

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